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About The Author

Elaine Macdonald is an accomplished children’s author, residing in Ely, Cambridgeshire. Her passion to become an author emerged whilst writing radio programme content and book reviews. She then became a scriptwriter and a children’s television presenter.  Elaine was one of the principal writers of children’s TV programme Kideo (winner of the Japan International Prize) followed by ‘Fun Factory’.  In all, she has written over one thousand fun educational television scripts!

It came as no surprise when authors were needed by MacMillan Education to relaunch their reading curriculum in overseas regions that Elaine was chosen as one of the principal authors of the series ‘Readers are Leaders’. These books have now been translated into eleven languages and are widespread throughout schools.

In 2018 Penguin Random House published Elaine’s book ‘I see an Elephant’, followed by ‘I see a Rhinoceros,’ ‘I see a Lion’ and ‘I see a Leopard.’ These are the first four books in the ‘Crazy Big Five’ series. The fifth book ‘I see a Buffalo’ is in production and will be available soon.  All of the stories have strong moral themes that inspire children to discuss relevant issues. Elephant wants to make a home in a tree, but the birds try to chase him away. This story illustrates how anyone can fit into a new environment with a little help. Lion is wearing woolly socks. Spider has learned how to knit. This lovely story shows how we can share our different skills to help each other. Rhinoceros only likes to eat one kind of food and has a big problem until he changes his diet to eat other things too. Leopard is invited to tea with his friend, but has to wear goggles and a snorkel to be able to visit Catfish. He adapts to meet his friend. Buffalo is large and clumsy so nobody wants her to join in their games. When disaster strikes Buffalo’s large size saves the day. Each of these stories encourage lively discussion with young readers.

The beautiful illustrations in Elaine’s books are produced by her daughter, Vanessa Mearns, who has an exceptional talent for bringing the characters to life.  This mother and daughter team visit schools, libraries, book launches and creative workshops, performing book readings and illustration demonstrations. 

Elaine has a unique style of writing based on her academic and entertainment training. She is able to reach learners of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures quite easily. Her mantra is: ‘Learning should always be fun!’